More Invitations to Play

In my last post I mentioned I had started using my old sensory box things to do an invitation to play. I’ve been doing them about once a week  since and while the kids find them interesting and fun, I also find it easy to sit at the table next to them and talk to them about what they’re doing. They also take very little time to set up (a huge factor in our small amount of time together!).

Autumn theme      Autumn theme    Autumn theme

This autumn themed invitation was inspired by our walk to school to drop of Quibble. On the way hone I picked up a few dry leaves of different colours and shapes and a few conkers. When I got back we put them out on the pumpkin plate we used at Halloween with some spoons. I poured a mix of porridge oats and lentils previously used in a sensory box into an empty ice cream tub and let squeak play. She decided to fill the curly leaves with the lentil mix and then hide conkers in the tub.

Cupcakes     Cupcakes     Cupcakes

This box was put together equally quickly using the silicone cupcake cases from the cooking set, some spoons, a tub of coloured rice and some small figures stolen from the toy box. Squeak loved making fake cupcakes for me, but Quibble was more ambitious ensuring that all of his had an appropriate topping – dinosaur, car, Zombling…


This is our next one, set up and waiting for the kids to play. A tub full of pom-poms with tweezers, scoops and colourful pots. I wonder what they will make of this?


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