Happy childhood memories being made

Hold on, here it comes…

So I suppose the first post should explain to you who I am and what I’m going to blog about.

It’s not going to.

Partly, because although I have a job, a husband and kids, I like to think I’m more than just that. Partly, because I’m not especially qualified to have a blog – my life is probably a lot like a lot of other people’s lives. But mostly, because I’m not sure exactly what my posts are going to be about.

Every single day has a handful of moments in which something both insignificant and remarkable happens. Moments that make me smile, that I need to hold on to because in five minutes time I could be trying to persuade my son to go to the toilet or my daughter to go down for a nap, either of which is likely to include several bouts of crying (from any or all of us). Moments that could pass me by as I rush to get to work and try to do a good job there before rushing home again to try to do a good job here too. Moments I won’t get again.

This, then, is my way of holding on to those moments. More than that, this is how I’m going to celebrate and share them. And in doing so, I hope I will remember that this is the life I chose. The life I’m living. Just as long as I take a moment to notice it.